On countless occasions

during our friendship

I drew comfort and support

from a remarkable gift,

your compassionate ear.


Whether across the table

at a coffee shop,

or on the silent end of

a late night call,

you listened.


It was not your style

to give advice.

Instead, you offered

calm eyes,

soft nods,

and soothing sounds

should words intrude.


In one memorable exchange

you called me persistent.

Applied to the hesitant steps

and poorly marked paths

of my life,

the word surprised

and amused me.


But you had found,

as you often did,

a gentle way to call me on

my exuberant leanings.


Now, while you explore

vaster fields than this

earthly plane can hold,

I persist.


Safe journey my friend.

We will meet again.

Even the most persistent souls

let go when itís time to soar.



ISBN: 978-0-9838136-4-4

90 pages


Available April 21, 2015


Pre-order before release Print edition $12. Kindle edition $3.99


Every great artist, no matter what their art form, is at heart a poet, confronting the Great Mystery of the Universe in all its complexity and striving to become aware of, understand and appreciate the brief passage of life and time on planet Earth. In Persistent, accomplished mystery writer Jean Sheldon turns her considerable talents to the poetic form, condensing personal experience into the exquisite expression of thought, emotion and revelatory moment. There is no artifice or pretension in the construction of her verse, but rather refreshingly direct and honest musings on the great questions with which all inquisitive minds and yearning hearts will ultimately grapple and seek to untangle.

Poetry is perhaps the most daring, the most intimate and the most revealing of all the art forms for it gives a glimpse into the thinking and being of another creative soul at her (or his) most vulnerable. The poet's journey is one that is always worthy of respect. The reader is privileged to bear witness and be included. Jean Sheldon's own journey is, as the title suggests, one of persistence, finding light in the midst of shadow and stretching, as she says, "to tap the heavens." No doubt her journey, one of open-minded and compassionate possibility, will inspire you to consider your own.

~ Laurence Overmire, poet and author of The One Idea That Saves The World: A Call to Conscience and A Call to Action.



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